Positive Impact

We have developed our technology to make a difference in the world. Our customers tend to be organizations and government agencies who are using the levers of business, public policy and civil society to effect change.

Modern Technology

We are always striving to incorporate the latest best practices in web design and development to ensure a delightful user experience. You’ll see that working with databases can be fun and easy!


Our powerful Crafter allows systems to be developed at a fraction of the time and cost as one developed from a typical framework. As such, we require minimal up-front investment and systems are paid through subscription costs.

Organizational Memory

Staff may turn over but we strive to ensure that the data, knowledge and experience they have acquired becomes embedded into our systems, and that new staff can get up to speed quickly.

In-Depth Tutorials

We provide user-friendly, intuitive interfaces with user guidance embedded throughout, to ensure proper use of the systems. We also offer live and video training sessions as needed.

Cloud Computing

We host the systems securely in the cloud, providing convenient and collaboration-friendly web-based access to current information. No hardware or software installation required.

Systems Built With You In Mind

While our systems offer a lot of power and options under the hood, all of them are practical and user friendly. Because our systems were built with the user in mind, working with them will provide a pleasant experience and make you feel in control. We also don’t just give you this power without guidance. We include embedded user guidance throughout the systems and we provide in-depth training to demonstrate how the systems work.

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