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Typical agency needs

Over the last decade we have worked with a wide range of Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies. It is clear that operating budgets are dwindling, yet at the same time more and more demands are being placed on a thinly-spread work force.

This situation, especially in the non-profit sector, is being compounded by agencies:

  • wasting time through the use of inefficient procedures
  • struggling with cumbersome record-keeping processes
  • being burdened with statistical reporting requirements
  • key staff leaving or retiring, and their replacements having to re-invent the wheel.

Our research has highlighted that agency managers have experienced difficulties in addressing their needs through conventional database management systems, with the following issues being highlighted:

  • having to try and adapt their way of doing business to fit in with off-the-shelf software solutions
  • finding the programming of complex software a daunting task
  • not being able to afford the costs of custom software development
  • uncooperative software vendors with respect to ongoing customization requests.
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