Meet Crafter

Crafter can be used to create a database system, no coding required.

The Need

These days, running your operations on a sound technological platform is incredibly important. And we know that “one-size-fits all” does not work for everyone. We’ve noticed that customized solutions are too expensive and off-the-shelf database systems are often clunky and don’t solve the problem at hand.

So we thought, instead of developing customized apps one at a time, why not dream bigger? Why not develop the building blocks for these apps along with a framework for piecing them together? In the same way that a platform like WordPress allows non-technical people to build beautiful content management systems, could we allow these same people to create enterprise-caliber web applications?

The Solution

That’s where Crafter comes in. Think of it as your very own Lego set you can use to construct a house that has exactly everything you need, nothing more, nothing less.

We use our Crafter every day. We’ve used it to put together one of our popular packages, the NGO Fundamentals, and we use it to put together customized systems for our users in a fraction of the time and cost that it would be to develop them from scratch.

The Future

We invest a large portion of our time into enhancing and perfecting our Crafter. Our dream is to make Crafter available to the public so that millions of organizations more can benefit from its superpowers.